Electrical Installation Condition Report

It still perplexes us as experienced electrician's who know the hazards/risks associated with the electrical systems within our properties, that landlords of rental properties seem oblivious to the potential dangers caused by unsafe or out of date systems.
Its is a reccomendation that all rental properties have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out every five years and change of tenant.
This report will highlight the condition of the electrical circuitry and alert the landlord to any defects or decay within the system
Quite often we go into properties where we find a very outdated system in place-rewired fuse boards are a typical example, these do not offer a great deal of protection to either the individual or the property!!
So for the sake of a small fee its worth having an EICR carried out.

For private individuals it is worth having an EICR carried out every ten years or change of ownership again to give an insight into the health of the electrical system....

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