CCTV systems

As the demand has been increasing of late for greater awareness of who and what is taking an interest in our property (be that your residential home, commercial or industrial premises) the need is arising to keep active surveillance of our properties. With this in mind Sparked Out is now offering full CCTV coverage of your property, we utilise the latest technology from ESP who are a British CCTV manufacturer based in Redditch.

We offer a in house design service, which consists of a full site visit, to determine the best locations for the cameras, type of camera and connection system (hard wired-provides best reliable results or wi-fi), then we discuss with you the customer your level of use and consequently the size of recording drive and location.
The majority of the camera systems we supply and install utilise a 5mp camera for clarity of vision-after all there's no point in crime prevention, if you cant see the image.

The system is designed specifically around your needs, so call us for a no obligation discussion and visit. -powered by