Periodic inspections (EICR)

"The purpose of periodic inspection and testing is to provide an engineering view on whether or not the electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition where it can continue to be used safely" (Periodic inspection guidance note 3, 18th edition wiring regulations).

This is required as electrical systems (as with everything else in life!!) deteriorate over time due to a number of factors such as damage, wear, tear, corrosion and environmental influences.

So here at Sparked Out we can offer you a service to cover the requirements to periodically check your electrical installations, whereby we will come and carry out a detailed visual inspection, together with appropriate testing to confirm that your installation is safe to use and fit for purpose.

These periodic inspections go under the title of Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR for short) and are recommended at the following intervals

  • Private properties, every ten years or change of ownership
  • Rented properties, every year (maximum five) or change of tenancy.
  • Commercial, every year (max five) or change of occupant
  • Public houses, annual (maximum allowance varies but general five)

Periodic inspections are required if you,

  • Rent out property- often called landlords certificates or EICR
  • Have a public house
  • Own a business where you employ people
  • Commercial premises
  • Have had changes carried out to the original installation
  • damage has occurred to the original installation(from flooding, etc)
  • Or selling your property
  • Regular inspections are recommended to ensure your electrical installations are safe to use and fit for purpose. -powered by